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People First International (Educational Development Projects in India)​
Physical Literacy Project (To develop Tai Chi as a high school sport and to study the long-term effects of Tai Chi)

PEAR Labs--Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (Cataloguing of Materials)

Regenerative Culture--Ariane Burgess (To support sustainable communities in New York City and the region)

Sedona Godmothers (School Age Children Knitting Blankets for Babies)

Southeast Forest Project (Protecting SE USA forests) 

Spirit Enrichment (EmBodyment Training)

St. John's Hyde Park Church (Restoration Work on the Church)

Stillpoint Center School of Massage (General Purposes)

Ten Stones Bioshelter Project (To Construct a Bioshelter at the Ten Stones Community in VT)

The Center for Visionary Leadership (The Best Practices Project)

The Fielding Institute (Organic Learning Project)

The Gaia Foundation, London, England (Numerous projects, mostly in South America and Africa)  

The Library Museum at Olesnice, Czech Republic (Restoration)

The Newbold Trust, Scotland
(A small educational community committed to sustainability)

The Permaculture Institute of Mozambique (Permaculture project in Mozambique)

Trees for Life, Findhorn, Scotland (Land Purchase, forest restoration) 

Triskeles Foundation (Creating a conscious and sustainable world through engaged philanthropy)

Upland Hills Farm School (Planning retreat, Building theater)

Women as One (To provide micro-loan support for impoverished Indian village women)

Woodcock Nature Center (Environmental education)
Past Projects

Over the years 1985 – 2020 Hygeia has supported Projects run by the following organizations and individuals (In the USA unless otherwise stated):

American Crocodile Education Sanctuary  (Conservation of wetlands and protected species)

Boston Meditation Center
(A Buddhist sangha, grounded in the Theravada tradition)

Cloudview EcoFarms (Education on organic farms)

Context Institute (Education for sustainable future)

Dandelion Trust, England (Community projects)

David McNamara (Family support programs)
Ecologia Youth Trust, Findhorn, Scotland (The Kitezh and Orion Children's Communities in Russia)

Edward Groody (Facilitating the New Paradigm in Business: Community Building in the Workplace)

Escuelas para la Vida, Spain (Farm community dedicated to helping people on the margins of society)

Findhorn College of International Education, Findhorn, Scotland (Educational Initiatives)

Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, Scotland (Numerous projects) 

Findhorn-UN Project (Supports the Findhorn Foundation’s work at the United Nations)

FireCircle Productions (Ixcan Women's Documentary, textiles)

Grainshare (For Food and Equipment for the Macrobiotic Community of Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Hospital Carmago, Brazil (Renovation of the Children's Cancer Wing)

Insight Meditation Center of Newburyport (Buddhist meditation center)

Interlegal (Legal support for Russian projects)

Lifebridge Foundation (Consciousness Community, Creativity Program; solar panels)

Lindisfarne Association (Numerous projects including programs at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine)  

Live Music Now, Wales (Young Welsh Singers Competition)

Lookfar Connections, Findhorn, Scotland (Ecological Water systems in Bolivia)

Ludwig Institute, Brazil (Cancer Research)

Metta Earth Institute (Center for Contemplative Ecology)

Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, Scotland (To construct a new regional and international arts center)

National Council for Research on Women, Inc. (US/USSR Women's Dialogue)

New Findhorn Association, Findhorn, Scotland (Community development)

Ocean Arks International (For the purchase of computer equipment)

Findhorn Foundation guest accommodation
Restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest in Scotland http://treesforlife.org.uk/work/about-us/who-we-are/
photos: © Alan Watson Featherstone/Trees for Life  
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